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Honest opinions about me. Some from people who’ve known me several decades.

Basically I’ve known Marc since we were together in kindergarten in Antwerp. For more years that I usually care my age is 🙂 He’s probably the most straightforward person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. He’s a true friend you can count on. And a fun guy too.

Ziv K, CEO of Diamond Dreams and Board Member of Antwerp Diamond Bourse

Marc is a highly skilled professional in various sales boosting solutions. In addition he is a virtuoso in digital marketing, far better than most digital natives. In the projects on which we have worked together, his vast experience, his natural curiosity and his digital skills, are what made the difference. Working with Marc is like driving a V12 on kerosine. Highly recommended!

Erik S., Brandhome

After having talked to Marc for less than a full hour, I knew he was the person who would help us with our Google AdWords campaigns. Inside the organization no one knew exactly how to judge the vendor who was taking care of it for us before Marc. He not only vastly improved our results, but does so in total transparency. I for one sincerely consider him to be part of my team!

Peter R, Director EMBA program at Antwerp Management School

As a web developer myself I regularly rely on Marc for copywriting or SEO services for my clients. He does both equally well, but moreover I’ve only received positive feedback from clients I put in touch with him. He’s very results oriented and extremely fair. A pleasure to work with.

Kees V.L., Owner and Managing Director of Nilmedia

He’s my granddad and lots of fun to hang around with. Somehow he always seems to be in a good mood, whatever is going on around him. On a professional note, his knowledge of all things digital – especially for an ‘oldie’ – never ceases to amaze me.

Manon A., Granddaughter and online marketer
As a vendor once said to me when I was objecting to his high prices “You’ll never know how well my offer is for you if you don’t try it at least once“. Truth be said, he was an excellent salesperson and with that argument he closed the deal. We remained his loyal customers for many years and developed quite friendly relations. The same goes for you. You will never know if it’s in your best intrest to work with me, if you don’t get in touch with me and we don’t meet. Yes, I’m using a sales argument that was once used on me. Told you I’m a fast learner, didn’t I.